Annie Heath 8/23/2014
I knew I needed to start looking for a different car when my 2005 Taurus started to ‘hiccup’. Melinda at Lamb Motors knew that I needed a good car for my daily commute and recommended the Ford Fusion. I was skeptical at first, but I test drove a couple of cars and fell in love right away! She made the whole financing process and all of the paperwork easy and painless so within about a week, I had a new car I could trust. When there was an issue with a computer processing unit in my new Fusion, Melinda made sure I had a nice ‘loaner’ car to drive to work while my new car was being fixed, and she dealt with all of the warranty documentation for the repair. All I had to do was pick my car up when it was done! I’ve had a great experience with Lamb Motors, and would recommend Melinda Garcia to anyone in the market for a vehicle!

Brian Huffman 2/1/2014
This was a long distance transaction. I couldn't imagine a smoother purchase. Kendra was my sales rep and did EVERYTHING asked of her. As a lifetime GM customer, (17-18 new car purchases) this was my most satisfying. I paid to get the car shipped, and Lamb Chevrolet was even pleasing to the transport driver. This was definitely a thumbs up deal.

Dan Peterson 2/1/2014
It is always nice to do business with the Lambs. Their entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Fantastic people.

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