Deb Osier 7/18/2016
I have bought my last 3 vehicles from Lamb Motor in Gettysburg. I have always had excellent customer service and they offer competitive prices. My last vehicle in particular the salesman, Philip Nagel, was on the lookout for me and got the exact vehicle I was looking for. I have been very pleased with how I've been treated and would recommend Lamb Motor's to anyone looking for a new or used vehicle.

Julie Kilian 7/11/2016
My experiences with Lamb Motor Co. have been excellent. The staff has gone above and beyond with their prompt service, they are always very courteous and professional, and they keep their customers a #1 priority. Thanks Philip and Nancy!

Annie Heath 8/23/2014
I knew I needed to start looking for a different car when my 2005 Taurus started to ‘hiccup’. Melinda at Lamb Motors knew that I needed a good car for my daily commute and recommended the Ford Fusion. I was skeptical at first, but I test drove a couple of cars and fell in love right away! She made the whole financing process and all of the paperwork easy and painless so within about a week, I had a new car I could trust. When there was an issue with a computer processing unit in my new Fusion, Melinda made sure I had a nice ‘loaner’ car to drive to work while my new car was being fixed, and she dealt with all of the warranty documentation for the repair. All I had to do was pick my car up when it was done! I’ve had a great experience with Lamb Motors, and would recommend Melinda Garcia to anyone in the market for a vehicle!

Brian Huffman 2/1/2014
This was a long distance transaction. I couldn't imagine a smoother purchase. Kendra was my sales rep and did EVERYTHING asked of her. As a lifetime GM customer, (17-18 new car purchases) this was my most satisfying. I paid to get the car shipped, and Lamb Chevrolet was even pleasing to the transport driver. This was definitely a thumbs up deal.

Dan Peterson 2/1/2014
It is always nice to do business with the Lambs. Their entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Fantastic people.

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